Membership Categories

IARCA represents a broad array of service providers across the state, and the need to work together as a unified group continues to grow.  IARCA is pleased to represent 90 agencies throughout the state.  The Association is comprised of residential treatment centers and hospital-based agencies, as well as child placing agencies providing foster care and adoption services.  A wide range of services, from wraparound and home-based prevention services to intensive secure care services, are also provided by our member agencies.

IARCA membership is open to agencies that are licensed by the Indiana Department of Child Services as a Licensed Child Placing Agency, Licensed Child Caring Institution, Licensed Group Home, or Licensed Private Secure Facility; agencies who are accredited by a national accrediting body, such as the Council on Accreditation or Joint Commission; and agencies which hold a current contract with the State of Indiana to provide home based services to children and families. 

  • Affiliate membership is available for two years for agencies seeking membership for the first time.  Dues are assessed at half the cost of a full member for the first two years. Dues are based on a percentage of the agency’s annual operating budget.
  • Full membership provides increased benefits for those agencies that continue beyond their affiliate status, including the ability to serve on the Board of Directors and to vote in issues before the membership.  Dues are based on a percentage of the agency’s annual operating budget
  • Associate membership is a category of membership provided to agencies that do not meet the criteria to become an Affiliate member. This category only provides limited training opportunities and access to the IARCA Monday Morning Update newsletter. Dues are assessed per calendar year (January – December).  Associate membership dues are $600.
  • Provisional membership is a category of membership provided to agencies in the process of being licensed or accredited that wish to take advantage of consultation services offered by IARCA and who are not eligible for Affiliate membership.  Dues are assessed per calendar year (January – December).  Provisional membership dues are $350.

In 2013 the IARCA Board of Directors added the following categories for membership applications that are subject to review of the IARCA Membership Committee and the approval of the IARCA Board of Directors for Membership into IARCA:

  • Affiliate  membership other standards is available to agencies who:
  • Hold a current contract with Other State Agencies, (for example-Department of Education, Department of Correction, Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, The Division of Mental Health and Addiction) for service provision to children and families in compliance with contract standards
  • Are a  provider of children and family services approved by other certifying body or parent organization, (for example-Catholic Charities USA, Indiana Youth Services Association, United Way) (Must provide a letter of reference from a current IARCA member)
  • Are a provider of children and family services that meets other quality standards. (Use of Evidence Based Practice or Outcome Measures) (Must provide a letter of reference from a current IARCA member) 

Please contact the IARCA office to discuss your agency’s level of membership eligibility.