The Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) is a 501(c)(4) IRS classified nonprofit Association of concerned agencies who not only care for children and families, but also care about them.   Founded in 1944, IARCA has made a commitment to service by bringing together a diverse group of providers into a cohesive organization, committed to the provision of quality services so that these children and families may lead healthy and productive lives in our communities.

IARCA represents approximately 90 member agencies in Indiana providing a broad array of services, including residential care, foster care, transitional/independent living, home-based services, shelter care and crisis stabilization.  Our member agencies continually reflect their dedication and support to children and family services through their ongoing participation in IARCA-sponsored activities.

In 1999, IARCA developed the IARCA Institute for Excellence, a 501(c)(3) IRS classified corporation.  The Institute is a public benefit corporation that was organized and operated exclusively to benefit, perform, and carry out the exclusively public, charitable, scientific, educational, and other purposes of IARCA.  In carrying out such responsibilities the Institute may only engage in activities that provide training opportunities and related services that enhance and improve the ability of members of IARCA, the supported organization, to serve the needs of women, children, and families; assist IARCA in raising funds and support that can be used to accomplish the association’s charitable and educational purposes related to the needs of children and families; and accomplishing such goals that are consistent with the purposes set forth by IARCA.